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�Taming Memory�: Themeing America�s East Coast Holocaust Memorials
Nathan Abrams & David Oettinger

Black �migr�s: The Emergence of Nineteenth-Century United States Black Nationalism in Response to Haitian Emigration and Colonization, 1816-1840
Eric Anderson

Selling Progress: Benevolent Hegemony and the Remaking of the Latin American Ideological Structure
Hiroaki Ataka and Jose Caballero

Racial and Cultural Rootedness: The Effect of Intraracial Oppression in The Bluest Eye
Alisa A. Balestra

The Wind Done Gone: Rewriting Gone With the Wind
Corinna Baschirotto

Benno Teschke's Critique of Wallerstein
Giulia Bentivoglio

Defining a Genre: Octavia Butler's Kindred and Women's Neo-slave Narrative
Giuliano Bettanin

Reading Transatlantic Sites: The Italians in New York
William Boelhower

Assessing Clinton's Culpability for September 11
James D Boys

President Clinton and The Trans-Atlantic Relationship
James D Boys

Two Years in The White House: The Presidency of Bill Clinton & U.S. Foreign Policy, 1993 & 1994
James D Boys

Hobbes and Locke: Puritans, Pilgrims, and the Conflicted American Mythos
Michael Broek

Hate Speech and the Rights Cultures of Canada and the United States
Stephen Brooks

Isolationism and Elections in American Politics
Stephen Brooks

The Chicano/a Subject: A Racial Formation
Juan R. Buriel

Have the Preventative Warriors Made Us Safer?
Michael Burns

Smart Power and US Leadership: A critique of Joseph Nye
Paul Cammack

Americanism with a Vengeance: Civil Liberties and Dalton Trumbo
Ron Capshaw

The Fluidity of Racial Hierarchies: Changing Racial Images in the American Mind and the Status of Czechs and Germans in the United States, 1877-1918
Robert Cassanello

From Thematic to Theoretical: The Historicist Urge in Canadian Criticism
Myles Chilton

�14 Little Indians� A Critical Examination of the Public Reaction to the Indian Occupation of Alcatraz
Zachary D. Clopton

The Pedagogisation of Sex: The Sexualisation of Pedagogy Foucault, Shakespeare and Adolescent Sexuality
Dan Colson

Misperceptions and Impediments in the US-Iran Relationship
Adam Cooper & Lizzie Telfer

The Blair Witch
Chris Cowan

If You Go Down in the Wood tonight: The Blair Witch Revisited
Chris Cowan

Her Mammy�s Daughter: Symbolic Matricide and Racial Constructions of Motherhood in Charles W. Chesnutt�s �Her Virginia Mammy�
Laura Dawkins

In After Years: Retrospection and the Great War in the Work of L. M. Montgomery
Lisa DeTora

The Federal Writers' Project and the Creation of Hegemony
Michael Dittman

The 'Clash of Civilisations' and the 'War on Terror'
Michael Dunn

Vietnam, the Johnson Administration and the Role of Domestic Public Opinion
Tara Marie Egan

Hollywood Censors History
David Eldridge

Chinese Whispers: Jimi Hendrix, Fame and "The Star Spangled Banner"
Marios Elles

'Be a Crossroads': Globalising From Within
R. J. Ellis

Beyond the Void? Implications of Hegemonic Competition and the Lack of American Military Leadership on the Military Spending of European Democracies 1920 - 1938
Jari Eloranat

The Janus-faced development of 'New American Studies'
Ali Fisher

Gramasci and the New Intellectuals
Ali Fisher

Rethinking Culture and State in International History
Brian M Foster

Lost Voices of the Trans-Atlantic Journey: Three texts by John Berryman, Robert Hayden and J.M. Coetzee
Simone Francescato

'Hyper-Power' vs. 'Hyper-Freedom'? A brief discussion of Ends-and-Means in US Military Policy
Howard Fuller

Sherlock Holmes and the Red Indian
Christopher Gair

Theory Comes To Harlem: The New York Novels of Chester Himes
Christopher Gair

Civil War Reenacting: Uniforms, Equipment and Attitudes
Mike Garant

Passport to the Front of the Bus: the Impact of Fisk University�s International Program on Race Relations in Nashville, Tennessee
Marybeth Gasman

Transnationalism in Practice
Paul Giles

The Place of The Awakening in the American Canon
Paula Goddard

The Search for Identity in American Studies: Can a White Female Scholar speak for the Oppressed?"
Paula Goddard

"The Dragon Is a Lantern": Frank Chin's Counter-Hegemonic Donald Duk
David Goldstein-Shirley

Whose Policy is it Anyway? Interest Groups and the War on Poverty
Cameron Gordon

Deceiving America: The 'Marks of Dishonesty' in Uncle Tom's Cabin and The Confidence Man
Andrew Green

Will the Real Bobby Kennedy Please Stand Up? Robert Kennedy And The Cuban Missile Crisis
Adam Grossman

The US-Israel special relationship: hegemon and client state or tail wagging the dog?
Dr Pierre Guerlain

The Figure Sula Makes: The Narrative Technique of Defragmentation
�va Gyetvai

Forest and "Fairy Stuff": Margaret Atwood's Wilderness Tips
Faye Hammill

Stunt Reporting, Sob Sister Journalism, and Distrust of the Press in Films of the Great Depression
Philip Hanson

"There's no place like home": Geoff Ryman's Was and Turner's Myth of National Childhood.
Steffen Hantke

Documentary as Social Justice Activism: The Textual and Political Strategies of Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films
John Haynes

Transatlantic Little Women: Lousia May Alcott, the Women Writer and Literary Community
Louisa Jane Hodgson

In the Event: Engaging with Space in American Studies
Sheila Hones

'Go to the forest and move': 1960's American Rock Music as Electronic Pastoral
David Ingram

Language, Power, and Politics: Critical Discourse Analysis and the War on Terrorism
Richard Jackson
       Trendy But Empty: A Response to Richard Jackson
      Jonathan Rodwell
       Reply to Jonathan Rodwell
      Richard Jackson

"Listen to Me! I Have Good Reason to Say This":
California Testimonios as Early Chicana Feminist Resistance

Leigh Johnson

Another Trip on Route 66: Preservation, Commercialism, and Heritage Tourism
Ronald W. Johnson

Private Interest Groups and the Lend-Lease Debate, 1940-1941
Andrew Johnstone

Immaculate Coercion? Some thoughts on Operations Desert Fox and Allied Force
David Jordan

Blurring the �Color-Line�?: Reflections on Interracial and Multiracial America
Yasuhiro Katagiri

After September 11: Photography, Memory and Cultural Diplomacy
Liam Kennedy

How American Is It?: Transnational Urbanism and the Cultural Politics of Place-Making
Liam Kennedy

(De)constructing John F Kennedy?; Herschensohn's "Years of Lightning; Day of Drums".
Emma Lambert

What kind of Man are you? - Masculinity in Oliver Stone's JFK
Helen Laville

Mimeo Fever: Sixties Small Press within a Global Context
N.R. Lawrence

Nuevo Chicanismo as a Path to the Twilight of the American Empire
Tomasz M. Lebiecki

The Origins of the CIA and the Non-Strategic Development of
U.S. Political Warfare, 1946-47

Stephen J. K. Long

USA OK? Beyond the Practice of (Anti)-American Studies
Scott Lucas

Why I'm Glad Bill Clinton is on Trial
Scott Lucas

With Us or Against Us: Cultural Projection and US Foreign Policy After 9-11"
Scott Lucas & James D Boys

'Landscape Lessons': Gauging a Watershed in Don Gayton's Kokanee
Susan Naramore Maher

Graft Down At City Hall? John Gunther, American Book Journalism, And Perceptions Of European Cataclysm In The 1930s
Brian Miller

The Partnership Between the Democrazia Cristiana and the United States 1947-1948
Kaeten Mistry

The Japanese Immigrant Media and Women in the Early 20th Century
Shiori Nomura

The Alliance for Progress during the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations:
Laudable idea, poorly implemented?

Benjamin Offiler

Co-opting Chaos: The Role of Complexity Discourse in the War on Terror
Ryan O'Kane

Remaking Corporeality and Spatiality: US Adaptations of Japanese Horror Films
Eimi Ozawa

The Fork in the Yellow Brick Road
David B. Parker

Postnational Politics and American Studies
Donald Pease

Political Warfare Old and New: The State and Private Groups in the Formation of the National Endowment for Democracy
Robert Pee

"Cuba no es el Congo": The Impact of the October 1962 Missile Crisis on Cuban International Identity
Christabelle Peters

Emma Bell Miles's Appalachia and Emily Carr's Cascadia: a Comparative Study in Literary Ecology
Kateřina Prajznerov�

The Failure of Alliance Politics: the United States, Europe and the NATO Multilateral Force
Andrew J. Priest

The Process of De-centering: Paul Auster's New York Trilogy
Zohreh Ramin

Child Labor and Lewis Hine: His Life and Work
Vanessa Raney

NAFTA in 2000: A paradox for North American Professors
William Raynor III, Prosper M. Bernard, Michel Plaisent, Prosper M. Bernard, Jr

�Irreparable losses�: a reappraisal of George B. McClellan at Antietam
Scott Reeves

A New Era of Causality and Responsibility: Assessing the Evolving Superpower Role of the United States
J. Terry Rolfe

It's not 'revolutionary' stupid! Bush Foreign Policy (2001-2004) and the International Security Corollary
Lee P Ruddin
       Response to Lee Ruddin:
'Cabals' and Conspiracies'? The Caricature and the Reality of Opposition to Neoconservatism and the Bush Administration
       Maria Ryan
       Reply to Maria Ryan
       Lee P Ruddin

Was Justice Served in the Investigation, impeachment and Trial of President Clinton?
Mark Rowe

Surrealism and Self-Representation in the Photography of Francesca Woodman
Eva Rus

'Image, Rhetoric and Nationhood':
Framing September 11: Cultural Diplomacy & the Image of America

David Ryan

Inventing the 'Axis of Evil': The Myth and Reality of Intelligence and Policy Making after 9/11
Maria Ryan

Neoconservatives and the Dilemmas of Strategy and Ideology
Maria Ryan

Selling Themselves: Slavery, Survival and the Path of Least Resistance
Ben Schiller

The Subject of Law: Toni Morrison, Critical Race Theory, and the Narration of Cultural Criticism
Richard Schur

US Public Diplomacy and the New American Studies: No Logo
Giles Scott-Smith

A global Policy in a Regional Setting: The Eisenhower Administration & Latin America, 1953-54
Bevan Sewell

Reconfiguring American Studies?: The Paradoxes of Postnationalism
Stephen Shapiro

Mistaken Images in Serge: Cecil B DeMille's Northwest Mounted Police (1940)
Ron Smith

A Shining Example for All the World: US Hemisphere Policy and Global Strategy
Mark Spokes

Narrative Themes of the American Character
Omar Swartz

Reconstruction's Conflicting Ideologies
Vincent P Tinerella

The Eradication of American proto-feminism: The Re-conceptualising of Gender in the Indian Captivity Narrative
Matthew Tomiak

Communities Created Through the Production of Scale: Controversy Over the Renaming of "Jap Road" in Texas
Yoko Tsukuda

From the Vagrant to the Fugitive: Institutional Models in Nelson Algren�s Somebody in Boots
Robert Ward

What is this 'New' in the New American Studies
Deborah Elizabeth Whaley

Tim O'Brien and American National Identity: A Vietnam Veteran's Imagined Self in The Things They Carried
Lynn Wharton

The Canadian Literature of Rock 'n' Roll in Relation to Generation and folk Music
Susan Wharton

The US Declaration of Independence: Emotion, Style and Authorship
Cynthia Whissell

"An urge to make music of invisibility":Ralph Ellison's Fiction
Sara Wood

The American Dream of English Aristocracy, from Sentimental Fiction to Reality Television: Susan Warner's Queechy (1852) and the Women's Entertainment Network's American Princess (2005)
Paul Woolf

Derek Walcott and the Wild Frontier: The Ghost Dance
Penny Woollard

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