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The Liverpool John Moores Electronic American Resource (LEAR)


This site is a multi-disciplinary resource containing a number of aspects useful to anyone interested in American Studies, from sixth-formers to university lecturers. Perhaps its most prominent feature is American Studies Today Online, a virtual journal of all things American that contains articles dating back from 1994 and book reviews since 1997. There is information about other American Studies organisations such as BAAS, some of which include hypertext links. A more detailed page devoted purely to links includes various sites of interest to scholars on subjects including US politics and Government, history, geography, the environment, minorities and the media. Some conference details are noted.

The American Resource Centre also offers a free range of teaching materials to teachers of American studies in the UK. Both books and videos are available, covering a wide range of subjects. There is also a list of American Studies courses (undergraduate and postgraduate) currently on offer at UK Universities. Complete with both an index and a search facility, relevant articles are easily located.

Andrew Johnstone (University of Birmingham)