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Esmeralda Santiago - The power of memories in rewriting History

Anabela Alves (University of Coimbra)

A people without memories is a people without history and Esmeralda Santiago can be considered a natural memoir writer. With this article, I intend to look at Esmeralda Santiago's work in the light of post-colonial theories, trying to focus on the elaboration of alternative perspectives and in the rewriting of History. Writing allows Santiago to reconcile with the past and to think about herself as a complex and hybrid citizen.

Her fictional works, and especially her most recent novel Conquistadora enable the writer to fulfil the mission of telling, or even reinventing the most remote past, about which very little has been written, and in doing so she tries to understand her origins and look for answers to so many identity questions posed to her. This rewriting is, in a certain way, a form of protest against the silencings of the Other and the exoticisms deforming their image.

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